Thursday, December 14, 2017

Web Site Success

I am pretty worn out, but it is worth it to know I accomplished something over the last 2 days. We finally have a basic web-site for GoodEye GoodBuy Sales.

Please come check it out and let me know how awesome it is. No, I don't want any feedback right now.  I am too tired to even listen to it. I know it is very simple, but it is just what I have been wanting for a long time now: a hub for our 4 selling points.

I do want to change out the slide show on the home page, but that means taking some photos and uploading them. Then, I need to get business cards made to match.

Fascinating Fascinators

Lately, my passion for hats has been fueled by finding beautiful vintage women's hats. I found a lot of examples to save to my Shoes, Hats, Purses and Belts Pinterest board 
Have we become over-simplified in our fashion decisions? I say it is time to put style back in our wardrobe. Start with a stylish hat and see where it takes you! 

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Church Bazaar Treasure Trove

We are always thrilled when we see a church bazaar where we can treasure hunt. 

Bazaars usually yield at least one gem that WorthPoint can help us turn into a profit maker.

One of the coolest things we found last weekend was this big South Vietnamese ceramic elephant ashtray. At 7½ inches square, it could be used as a planter too. 

Check it out here

Monday, August 14, 2017

This Hat Obsession is Going to My Head

My latest find  
is the best quality hat in my collection. This very snappy looking hat is a Vintage "Champ" brand Fedora in size 7-7/8.  
This Mid-Century Kasmir Finish Fur Felted Hat has a bright Feather tucked into a 2 inch wide grosgrain ribbon hatband. It has a "wind trolley" string and button too. This nicely preserved rich dark brown hat sports a Center dent crown (about 4 inches tall) with a pinched front. The brim is 1-7/8 inches wide with a stitched over-welt. The oval opening is 6-1/2 inches by 8 inches. The sweatband is embossed in a pore-like pattern and sewn together at back with a = stitch. "CHAMP Feel the Felt" is printed in gold on one side of the headband with "FELTED BY Master Craftsmen" on the other side and "Kasmir Finish" on the back. The sweatband has worn spots on both sides with the word "Champ" worn completely through on 3 letters. Rectangular size tag has black ink on gold paper with the Hatters Union stamp on back. The liner is cream color and silky with a plastic center protector over the Champ logo and name. Under the sweatband there is a slip of paper glued in place with "Reg C 82379 to Duplicate and 451 Block" printed on it.
Check it out by clicking the link above.  

Monday, July 31, 2017

Here's your Hurry - Where's Your Hat?

I don't know what started it or even when it began, but more and more I find myself drawn to hats, and actually buying and wearing them. 
Of course, here in Florida, that is a wise thing to do year 'round. With my fair skin, I need the protection from the sun offered by a wide brim.
This year's early Spring trip to Alaska taught me a thing or two about warm hats.  
As the fascination grew, I began to look at vintage hats and wonder how the fashion trends took us away from wearing hats for so long.
Now, I am picking up all styles of hats and finding out lots of interesting history as I research their origins. 
Recently, I sold a gorgeous 1950's era Western Cattleman style Stetson and that got me started on a whole new enterprise. 

The auction for this 1950s Whippet style Stetson is going well. 

And this 1960s Royal Stetson Tan Fedora is attracting a lot of attention too. 

Sometimes you can find a matching hat and bag set like this delicious green floral bucket and hobo set

Everywhere I go, I am noticing a renewed interest in hats and fewer bare heads. What kind of hat are you wearing? 

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Littlest Pet Shop Pets Make Big Pawprints In My Heart

I was lucky enough to score a big lot of Littlest Pet Shop pets last weekend and having been having a lot of fun identifying them, taking their photos and posting them on ebay for sale. What a great way for a child to explore their love of animals and the best part is these little critters fit in a small hand or pocket. I would have loved to have had them during church services when I was small.

You can see the entire collection here  and I have put a quick list below for collectors:

LPS Panther Kitty Cat Lot of 7 Bobble Big Head Heart Music Note Clover Dot
LPS Puppy Dog Lot of 7 Fuzzy Tear Drop Flower Wag Music Clover Yorkie Chihuahua
LPS Pink & Purple Pony #3290 Rearing Sweet Celebration Horse Blue Eyes & White
LPS Bunny Rabbit Lot of 4 Orange ear #1911 Sparkle Long Hair Littlest Pet Shop
LPS Enchanted Fairy #2728 Light up Lotus Lily Littlest Pet Shop Pink Orange wing
LPS Squirrels lot of 3 Grey Brown Tan Littlest Pet Shop #253 #484 #1749 Skunks
LPS #3063 Blue Meercat with Attitude Yellow eyes Littlest Pet Shop Mongoose
LPS #139 Giraffe Yellow and Orange w/ Blue eyes 2 dot Littlest Pet Shop
LPS #2693 Pink Elephant Stars on Ear & Blue Eyes Head w/Flower Littlest Pet Shop
LPS #3744 Pink Pig Lolly Pinkington Blue eyes White Forelock Littlest Pet Shop
LPS #3654 Orange Fox w/ Blue Eyes Littlest Pet Shop Kora Solis Pink Purple Paws
LPS #3750 Grey Racoon Mackie McMask Yellow Brown Eyes Littlest Pet Shop
LPS #3024 Green & Pink Turtle Sprinkles Blue Sweeties Eyes Littlest Pet Shop
LPS #3753 Purple Deer Fay Woods Blue Eyes Blond Forelock Fawn Littlest Pet Shop
LPS #3823 Purple Penguin Parker Waddleton Knit Cap Beanie Littlest Pet Shop
LPS Lot of 2 Penguins #1526 Grey #3005 Blue Cream Purple Swirl Littlest Pet Shop
LPS #3814 Brown Konga Gorilla Terrence Blue Eyes Ape Chimp Littlest Pet Shop
LPS #3821 Purple Gorilla Green Eyes Suns Sweetness Ape Chimp Littlest Pet Shop
LPS Accessories White Wig w/ Pink Ribbon Marie Antoinette Littlest Pet Shop
LPS Accessories Purple Wig Bun Style Updo Littlest Pet Shop
LPS Accessories Short Blond Wig w/ Pink Ribbon Littlest Pet Shop
LPS Accessories Pink Dress Cape Skirt Littlest Pet Shop

If you experts spot any discrepancies, I would love to hear from you!

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Counting the Days Until Christmas

Fa-La-La is in the air even though it is still toasty warm in my home state of Florida. I am already opening gifts to myself.

I have been gathering Christmas treasures since last January and stashing them away. So opening the storage bins seems like Christmas morning to me every day now. So many surprises!

Do you watch the James Steward movie "It's a Wonderful Life" every year like we do? One Christmas we had the fun of selling the entire Christmas Village Train Set of Bedford Falls, the mythical village where the story takes place. I was enchanted with it and if we still had little ones around, I'm sure I could have been persuaded to NOT sell it. It was a great day when I recently found the figure of Mr Potter (the miserly banker) in his wheelchair and Mr. Gower (the pharmacist) and even more fun when I found them again in my stash. (Mr. Gower has already found a new home).

Have you ever seen an egg shell made into a Christmas ornament? This tiny little angel is so detailed. I can't imagine how it was made.

There's another one like this in a milkweed seed pod. it is light as a feather and so delicate!

I love the handmade ornaments and can remember making them in Scouts and at school when we were kids. I have lots of them made by my children and their children filling the bins we store in the attic. I will never willingly part with them. Come enjoy my Christmas wares when you are in the Holiday spirit.

Merry Christmas from Sixties-Chick's Emporium everyone!