Monday, April 29, 2019

It's a Complicated Relationship

Oh, not my relationship with my hubby, or even with my grown children. I'm talking about my relationship with handbags.

I am drawn to them, big professional looking leather cross-bodies, funky hippie hobos, prissy little beaded satin hankie pokes, even big straw totes with beachy gee-gaws. They call out to me in their siren song and I buy them.

I have totes full of them. But finally, I am ready to share them with the world!  Want to see them?   Well, go back and click on the link.

Wednesday, April 17, 2019

Memories of a Sixties Chick

Many years ago, lets call it mid-century, as it was the middle of the last century, my mother wore a hat very much like this one.
She wore it to church mostly and to PTA meetings. She wore a navy dress with tiny white polka dots that matched the ribbon hat band.
Afterward, she stored it carefully in a round "hat box" and put it on the high shelf in her closet.
Seeing this hat today, brings back so many memories, and strangely, the wonderful fragrance of vanilla. Maybe it was the cookies after PTA.

Sunday, April 7, 2019

Heartlake Lego Friends - Olivia's House

I had so much fun putting this set together. We found or bought almost every one of the 695 pieces that go in the set.
A blue frying pan, hand mixer and a few other tiny accessories eluded us.
Finally ready to "let it go" now.

Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Irish Eyes are Smiling

Happy St. Patrick's Day (belatedly) if I failed to text a shamrock to you or invite you over for corned beef and cabbage.
The twinkle in this girl's eyes are a reflection of her Irish heritage for sure.
Even when St. Patrick's Day is done she is often found to be Wearin' the Green and maybe even tippling a small taste of Jamieson's or a large drought of Guinness. It's the luck of the Irish that brought her into our family at birth I guess.
May ye' be in heaven 6 days before the devil knows you're dead!

Thursday, December 14, 2017

Web Site Success

I am pretty worn out, but it is worth it to know I accomplished something over the last 2 days. We finally have a basic web-site for GoodEye GoodBuy Sales.

Please come check it out and let me know how awesome it is. No, I don't want any feedback right now.  I am too tired to even listen to it. I know it is very simple, but it is just what I have been wanting for a long time now: a hub for our 4 selling points.

I do want to change out the slide show on the home page, but that means taking some photos and uploading them. Then, I need to get business cards made to match.

Fascinating Fascinators

Lately, my passion for hats has been fueled by finding beautiful vintage women's hats. I found a lot of examples to save to my Shoes, Hats, Purses and Belts Pinterest board 
Have we become over-simplified in our fashion decisions? I say it is time to put style back in our wardrobe. Start with a stylish hat and see where it takes you! 

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Church Bazaar Treasure Trove

We are always thrilled when we see a church bazaar where we can treasure hunt. 

Bazaars usually yield at least one gem that WorthPoint can help us turn into a profit maker.

One of the coolest things we found last weekend was this big South Vietnamese ceramic elephant ashtray. At 7½ inches square, it could be used as a planter too. 

Check it out here