Wednesday, November 7, 2007

A Lap full of JOY

I'll bet you thought I was going to go on about my grandchildren again didn't you! HA! Surprise! This time I am overjoyed by my new LAPTOP computer. I have been drooling over them for years and finally my husband caught the fever too.

After we got an advertisement from Dell touting an unbelievable bargain price of $899 he said, "I was going to get you one for Christmas but why don't you go ahead and pick out your Christmas present NOW?"

Can you imagine how many seconds it took me to unzip my purse, pull out my Dell Preferred Customer Card and log into my account? (No, not even that long!)

Of course, by the time I added a wireless mouse and keyboard, a 4-port USB hub and a few other extras, we had gone a bit over $1,000, but this baby would have cost three times that amount just a few years ago and not had near the power and options.

Within a week, my dog was barking at the delivery guy and I was jumping up and down with delight.

Now to hook it up to the big screen TV in the living room and stretch out in my recliner.

This is the LIFE!

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