Friday, August 15, 2008

Why I love PayPal

July was a looonnnng month ... and here it is the middle of August already!

I can use the excuse that my eBay sales were wild and crazy last month can't I? I have to brag that I was able to reach my sales goal for the first time ever at the close of July. Or at least I will when USPS sends the check for an insurance claim where they lost the GOLD WATCH I sold. Can you believe it? At least I did have the presence of mind to buy insurance even though the buyer didn't request it. I don't know whether the small box slipped through the cracks legitimately or someone saw the insurance notice and the confirmation signature required and figured, "hmmm, this will fit under my raincoat won't it!" but it never reached its S. Park Ave. NY, destination. The best part of this is my buyer was a real trooper throughout the search and didn't even contact me that it was missing for 2 WEEKS. I had been checking the status for over a week when he finally emailed me and calmly asked for a status report.

Then there was the chargeback! Oh, yeah! Again, it was a PalPal transaction all the way and I had sent the package Priority and Insured as the buyer requested - within 24 hours of payment receipt. And they must have decided they really didn't want it. I called PayPal and explained the situation and how I had checked the buyers history and saw that they primarily bought items of this type and price too. PayPal assured me that I had done everything just right. Within the week my "held" payment reverted to cleared and the case was closed in my favor. Then the strangest thing happened. The very next day after the case was closed, the package arrived at my door, unopened, marked "return to sender." Guess the seller thought if they returned the package that would solve everything and I would refund their money. ummmm, NO! This buyer did not ever contact me even though I sent at least 3 emails reporting status of the item and thanking them for paying instantly by PayPal.

Thanks PayPal!

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