Friday, October 31, 2008

Sarah Palin Stumps in Cabbage Patch

It's almost 7am and I am watching the race closely.

The lady in red is ahead of all the guys by 2 laps with 57 bids and a top price of $3,550 and there are 4 days yet to go! Obama has a slight lead ($1,075) over McCain (at $1,025) and Biden pulls up the rear at a meager $610.

I'm wondering what this says in political terms. Not a close race here on eBay for sure. The popular vote would have a woman in the White House if this is any indication. But who would expect different results in a FREE MARKET world like eBay?

What it says in terms of social media is this: eBay can (and does) draw a lot of attention to a cause in a way that is FUN.

Whoever makes the final bid on these dolls can feel good about winning one of the most collectible dolls of the decade and Marine Toys for Tots will happily accept the proceeds from Auction Cause (who is listing the auction) to give a lot of kids a reason to smile this holiday season.

Bid ON!

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