Friday, February 20, 2009

Remodeling - Refurbishing - Redressing

Remodeling - maybe a better word would be refurbishing or redressing, and putting lipstick on the old girl.

We had let a lot of things go downhill with our home for about 10 years, thinking we would downsize soon and move, but that isn't going to happen for quite a while. The kids and grandkids fill the house nearly every weekend and it's nice to be able to host parties and get-togethers here. Some stay rather longer!

In the past year we have put on a new roof, new huricane safe garage door, hurricane panels (the kind you put up and take down) and the most recent round of improvements included total new flooring. We replaced all carpet with new, but similar carpet, replaced vinyl with ceramic tile in 3 rooms, 2 baths and the entry. We bought a new bed, for which we waited several weeks impatiently sleeping in our recliners. Bought a new stove, for which we excused eating out three weeks running. We also found out that rice does not cook well in an electric frying pan.

In addition to our buying spree we found someone to reupholster our solidly built sleeper sofa ca. 1992 and had some cane-back furniture I inherited from Mom ca ???? refurbished and recovered. It has horse-hair underpinnings so might be much older than I originally thought.

We still want to add a seawall to keep the lake from eating our backyard any further, a new front entry (maybe stained glass door) and a faux granite kitchen counter. But for right now, I am exhausted and happy.

I am secretly looking for a conversation piece round coffee table to put with the cane-back furniture in the family room and hubby is looking for an entertainment center and new dining chairs to match the old set. I would like to replace the dining room furniture completely with lighter colored wood pieces.

This project seems to have gained momentum and taken on a life of its own as I notice more and more changes that need to be made so that shabby old things don't detract from shiny new things. Where will it end!?

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