Monday, August 3, 2009

I should have been wearing my hat

Summer in Florida with all its delights has left me sunburned, and itching with bites!

Wow, it has been hot here in Florida! I got a new hat to keep the sun off my face and shoulders, but it is hard to get used to wearing a hat after going bare-headed all these years.

I met a lady on Seesmic who always wears hats and she is always asking. "Do you have a hat?" Recently, she opened a site for gardening enthusiasts and started selling hats like one of her favorites. She makes wonderful hatbands for them too. Or you can get just the hatband, if you already have a hat.

After seeing her in a hat, and dragging out a few of my old ones (an eclectic collection from eras long gone) to play dress-up with her, I just had to buy one of her hats. I chose the camel-colored one but they are also available in a lighter straw color, black and a lovely shade of red.

I do love the way this hat makes me feel. For some reason, wearing it makes me feel very special, pampered, even glamorous.

What to you think of it?

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