Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Give your sweet tooth a new sensation

It's been a long time since anyone thought of an upgrade to the humble marshmallow. Do you remember when the newest thing was pastel colored marshmallows? Not a big hit in the long run. Then there were the teensy, tiny marshmallows. Now, you must admit, those are nice to float in your cocoa. But there is a new kid in town and look out because Plush Puffs are going to be a huge success. At least that is my humble opinion. Made from all natural ingredients, the puffs come in 1 inch cubes rather than the traditional ottoman shape.  (More - click on title)  Kids who are always ready for S'mores and will love the new Plush Puffs Chocolate Chipetta marshmallows. They puffed up still more after a few seconds in the microwave of our test kitchen and spread themselves nicely over the Graham Cracker melting the chocolate squares along with the tiny chocolate chips inside the Puff.

The Peppi Mint flavor Puffs (a delightful pink confection) was a nice surprise on S'mores, but it was nothing short of fantastic floating in a cup of hot cocoa. Hot tea should also be improved by
one of these yummy puffs.

Caramel Swirl Plush Puffs turned out best liked in S'mores but there was a strong debate about whether or not it was best in hot coffee.

All three flavors of Plush Puffs that we tried are nothing short of wonderful eaten straight out of the package. They have a fine, soft texture, and it is easy to imagine the pleasure of dipping one into a fondue of dark chocolate or melting it atop a scoop of ice cream.

Other flavors currently include Vanilla Bean, Sydney's Cinnamon, Simply S'mores and Luscious Lemony Meringue and there is a possibility that Toasted Coconut and Pumpkin Praline flavors may also be available. With any luck you will find these sweet indulgences on your supermarket shelves very soon!

When you do find them, their site has some delicious recipes including some that suggest you use a kitchen torch to melt puffs atop the various desserts.


Connie said...

Now that is one fantastic idea! The shape, the flavors and the natural ingredients make me want to buy a bunch. I'd add them to my hot cocoa that I'll be drinking very soon.

Brain Foggles

Danna Crawford said...

Now having a chocolate attack!!!! lol