Saturday, October 10, 2009

Grandma's big bed

All my grandchildren have been fascinated with my bed when they are little. The mirrored headboard drew them like bees to a flower.

They loved lying on their tummies gazing at their beautiful reflections in the smoky mirrors. They also loved rolling and bouncing on it, especially when it held a waterbed mattress.
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 The waterbed mattress has been replaced by a firm standard mattress with a thick memory foam topper, but my youngest grandchild enjoyed his first roll around on it during our visit yesterday. He lay back on my pillow, pulling the covers up under his chin and pretended to sleep for a few seconds only to pop straight up and greet me with a chirpy voice. Then I pretended to sleep and surprised him by popping up wide awake. We both lay there talking and enjoying the luxury of slow movement and closeness for several minutes.

Finally, Beau, the dog, jumped up to join us in play and brought his ball along. It was several minutes before that led to climbing out of the big comfortable bed.

Next, I will follow the bed tradition by putting surprises in one the drawers that make up the platform of the bed as I did with the grandchidren that have come before him. With the boys, it was small fast-food toys that co-workers and I collected for their visits. With the girls, it was a heart-shaped candy box topped with lace and silk roses. At garage sales, I found barrettes, ribbons and strings of beads to fill the box. I also kept small mementos of their visits in the drawer. Our favorites were the hand-drawn cards they had given me. Recently, one of my granddaughters, now a teenager, asked me if I had any beads she could wear. When I said no, she reminded me of the box in the drawer under the bed. We looked together and sure enough, there was still some treasure in the heart-shaped box.

The biggest treasure was the closeness I felt knowing that this simple memory had been meaningful to her.


ConnieFoggles said...

There's nothing quite like going to Grandma's. They always have special treasures and cost has nothing to do with it. Your example shows this to be true.

Danna Crawford said...

What a beautiful "Memory post" thanks for sharing!!! I enjoyed it!