Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Poken and Tweetin' - what's next?

Just as I am getting used to using the word Twitter as a noun, along comes POKEN. As opposed to POKING, Poken (which is also a noun) does no physical harm to the POKED. In fact it is more of a PING, than a POKE. (More - click on title)

Now that I have totally confused the uninitiated, Poken is a gadget that allows you to introduce yourself without handing out business cards. For some people, one business card is sufficient, but most people who work on the internet have multiple-persona syndrome and need a pocketful of different cards to give out depending on the person receiving the card.

So, POKEN came along with a great idea. You can put your contact information on this gadget and transfer it to another POKEN by giving it a High Four. You could conceivably have several of these gadgets if you have severe multiple-persona syndrome and use each one as the occassion dictates.

At a recent Tweet-Up (hosted by @PokenGirl and @BenSpark) in Boynton Beach, Florida, I exchanged electronic business cards with nearly everyone there by touching or High-Fouring the other person's Poken. There are several different designs to choose from, and a personality quiz to help you decide. I chose the Panda even though the quiz said I am really a Pinky (and I agree) because I wanted to customize it to look like my CatPurry logo. The results were amateurish but gets the point across and in the dim light of social meet-ups most people didn't notice the crudeness of my customization job.

@BenSpark (Drew Bennett) and @PokenGirl (sisters Juliett and Vanessa) hosted the Wings & Pings Tweet-up at Bru's in Boynton Beach, Florida September 29, 2009.  We all met up a few days later at IZEAFest in Orlando at the Marriott Renaissance Sea World for a few days of all out learning and laughing. (more on that next post!)


papel1 said...

This is all new stuff. Like you I am just getting use to twitter and facebook and blogs. Have fun with it.
Postcard Judy
found this link via twitter

Vanessa said...

Nice post! Your cat Poken is unique, just like you! Hope we get together again soon.

BenSpark said...

It was fantastic to meet you and I love that you came to both Wings And Pings as well as IZEAFest. I hope that you had a wonderful time.

MommaDJane said...

It was nice meeting you. This conference was my first time to poken as well. I got the little pink monster one. Do you plan to attend any other conferences soon?

ConnieFoggles said...

It was so nice to spend time with you again at IzeaFest and high four you too. Totally looking forward to next year. I've been bugging Ted about when and where already!