Monday, November 16, 2009

Have a very Dove-ly Christmas

I don't think there is a single member of my family that doesn't know my favorite indulgence is DOVE chocolates! My weakness being dark chocolate Promises. Oh, I know I am supposed to be watching my weight, but this chocolate is so wonderful, I can be happy with just one or two pieces after dinner. I melt them on my tongue for long pleasurable minutes. All the while, my poor doggy, Beau is drooling on my knees and otherwise making a pest of himself. I swear, that dog can smell chocolate 100 yards away. I sneak in there so quietly, lifting the top off the glass candy dish, and before I can peel back the wrapper, I feel his hot breath on my kneecap.
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I know Dove has been offering some new products and already fell in love with the sugar-free dark chocolate mint promises, but I had no idea of all their new offerings until today when I read a post in The Dirty T-Shirt .

There are so many new things to try I don't know where to begin. Check out  The Dirty T-Shirt and follow the links to see what I mean! With Christmas coming up, you are bound to find some really special ideas for gift giving.

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Anonymous said...

I work with DOVE Chocolate and am so happy to hear that you are finding pleasure in the simple things in chocolate! Did you know that on December 9th, DOVE will tell the Chocolate will tell the bean to bar story with highlights from the MARS Center for Cocoa Science in Brazil & the DOVE Chocolate Center of Excellence in Elizabethtown?

Warm Holiday Wishes,
From the DOVE Chocolate Team