Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Paradise but no cheeseburger

Picture a man who drove long tedious hours to get to paradise, went to bed early and now faces a day without off-shore fishing. This is the picture of disappointment!

We arrived in Marathon (in the Florida Keys) about 3pm yesterday, drove around the neighborhood to check out the area, picked up lunch supplies and southern fried chicken for dinner to eat quickly so the fisherman could try his luck on the dock at the canal behind the house we are renting for the week.

The neighborhood includes a beautiful 1/2 mile stretch of Atlantic front caribbean blue water called Sombrero Beach. The park is lined by a wide expanse of white crushed coral and shell that serves as sand in the keys. There are three bath/dressing houses in the park; one large and many small pavilions,;a huge volleyball pit; and a large playground.  A paved walkway weaves its way through the swaying palm trees from one area to another and ends at a small fishing pier.  After walking the entire length of the path and returning to the car, we were ready to head for the supermarket for supplies and then to the local take-out for a bucket of fried chicken.

After woofing down some finger-licking good, the fisherman went to work. A huge Iguana scuttled through the tree branches as I arrived at the pier and disappeared into the leaves. After catching a few nice-sized catfish and a small barracuda, he was ready to have some cookies and milk and head off to bed. We had a big day to look forward to.

Sea Squared Captain Chris Johnson and wife Chrissy had contacted me by email just before bedtime to confirm an 8am departure on their beautiful fishing boat (pictured above) and we were really looking forward to a half-day fishing excursion.

About 2am I thought I heard rain and remember thinking "no, rain isn't forecast it must be the air conditioner noise." Then at 3am a huge bolt of lightning woke me and the power went out for a minute or two setting all the clocks to flashing.

By 6am, it was still raining. A tall tumbler left at the bottom of the stairs was full to the top when we went down this morning. Despite Christy's email telling me "no fishing today... maybe Friday." we decided to head on down to the marina and see what was up, then get some breakfast.

Maybe tomorrow... cheeseburger in paradise. (to us that means no rain and lots of fishing)


Danna Crawford said...

oh pooo no fishing today ... Sending some sunshine your way .. Keep us posted!!!! xo

Martin H. said...

Here's hoping that the weather turns in your favour.

And I thought all the rain had come to the UK!

Susan Adcox said...

I'm hoping for better weather for you. I love a half-day fishing trip. It's just enough fishing for me.

ConnieFoggles said...

I hope that the weather cooperated. Marathon is gorgeous.