Thursday, December 17, 2009

Bus stop art for the ages

I had to pull my bike up short when I found this piece of art, on the trunk of a palm tree, beside the bus stop where the middle schoolers in our neighborhood wait.

My phone camera didn't really capture the detail of this sweet colorful collage. It is an assemblage of varied colors and flavors of chewing gum and a single, faded blossom.

Who knows how long it took the artist or artists to get to this point. I wonder if it is a way of marking off the days until Christmas vacation. Or is it a joint statement of rebellion made by youngsters determined to enjoy that last sweet chew until the very last moment when they are herded off to yet another day of incarceration.

The possibilities made me feel free in my retirement. I took another lap around the park in celebration of freedom.

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Susan Adcox said...

I guess some people might find this kind of gross, but it made me smile, too! It's certainly a lot less repugnant than some of the substances that people have used in their "art."