Thursday, December 10, 2009

Buy the kid a gift he will really enjoy!

A few weeks ago I was approached by a representative of CSN Stores to review a toy for them here. After looking at dozens and dozens of tempting, colorful toys at their Swing Sets & More site, and with Christmas bells ringing in my head, I had a hard time choosing JUSTONE TOY that my grandchildren could help me review.

Then I saw a TV story about the "hottest toy on the market this season." The announcer was touting an electronic toy but the film clearly showed a little girl about three years old, standing behind him, playing with a simple plastic toy that I had seen on the Swing Sets & More site called the bilibo Play Shell.  So I selected that toy.   (click title for more...)
A short time later, the plastic Play Shell arrived and sure enough my almost two-year-year old grandson was immediately  fixated on it amid all his other toys. Even my 11 year old grandson had to try it out. Since he is a bit small and slim for his age, he was able to mimic his little cousin, walking on hands and knees with it on his back like a turtle and spinning in it until I became dizzy watching.

Then a very bad thing happened.  I somehow deleted the pictures before uploading them to my computer! We were away on vacation, then didn't see the grandchildren again until last weekend.

So, I had to wait, and wait, and wait until yesterday when I could let him play with the Play Shell again  and recapture the moments of discovery. As you see in the pictures, he found a lot of ways to use his imagination in playing

with this cool toy. He could pull his other toys around in it, or send them for a spin, wear it over his back pretending to be a turtle (his 2nd favorite animal besides dogs), or wear it on his head like a hat and play peek-a-boo with me. There were lots of variations on this theme and I was very happy to see that the thrill didn't wear off. If anything, he went to it like an old friend and found new imaginative ways to play with it.

The Play Shell comes in blue, red, pink, yellow, orange and green and the light-weight but sturdy plastic shell seems indestructible.

 So far, I have done 95% of my shopping on-line this year and I highly recommend it for a stress-free, fun way to buy.

Check out Swing Sets & More for a good stock of popular toys for kids of all ages, and a very happy buying experience. 

Happy Holidays everyone!


Danna Crawford said...

WOW what a neat looking toy!!! Thanks for sharing I am going to check them out!!!

nothingprofound said...

Love the photo of him crawling with the shell on his back, like a snail or turtle.