Monday, March 1, 2010

It had been many years since I played Monopoly, so when one of my grandkids pulled this out of the closet I had to read the rules first.

It turns out this was the Dot.Com version. What had been the utility company was a bit different from days of old.

But the concept was still the same, buy some property, add a building (office in this case) and charge rent to anyone who stops on your space.

The bank held all the money beyond a starting purse and we had to scheme to get a little more added to our stash. It was actually great fun but the new version had one major stumbling block in common with the original. It takes FOREVER to play this game to conclusion. I soon noticed that one of the older grandkids was "forgetting" to charge rent. She was also texting under the table and when I accused her of staging a bankruptcy, she blushed and admitted that she was hoping to meet up with friends soon. 

One thing that will never change about Monopoly, it is still fun and a great way to bring up grown-up ideas such as investing wisely and knowing when to stop buying and save your money.

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Susan Adcox said...

I always hated Monopoly because it takes so long. They do have a great version called Monopoly Junior which takes only about 45 minutes to play. I'll do Monopoly Junior, but the grandkids know that if they want to play the full-length game, they'll have to draft Grandpa.