Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Making Easter memories

Like so many other families, we spent time making memories with our children and grandchildren over the Easter weekend.

It has become traditional to take the grandchildren to the nursing home where my husband works, to let them interact with the residents and enjoy a beautiful day of egg hunting, and picnicking. The old folks line the walkways and parking lot early waiting for the first of the children to arrive and find the plastic eggs they have filled with candy and coins. The wrinkles on their faces fade, replaced by smiles and happy anticipation.

It is fun to look back on pictures from previous years and see how much the kids have grown and changed. Last year, at age one, our grandson had no fear of the six foot Easter Bunny, but this year, he hid his face timidly in his mothers shoulder. There was no dampening his enthusiasm for finding the brightly colored eggs though.

We had a little practice run first thing in the morning at home where even the dog helped him rehearse. As it happened, no practice was needed. As soon as he saw the Easter basket and spotted the first colored egg (lying out in the open on one of his toys), he was off and running, looking in every corner until his basket was brimming with color.

Later in the day Grandpa (who had grilled over 350 hot dogs), came home and put a big ham on the grill, while the kids enjoyed a canoe ride on the lake.

Here's hoping your weekend was a real memory maker too.


Susan Adcox said...

We were lucky enough to spend Easter weekend with all of our grandchildren. We had a great time. It sounds like you did, too.

Danna Crawford said...

Precious, precious times for all!

My girls came with their guys and dogs! We too had a lovely day coloring eggs is fun no matter young you are!

Love the family photos especially the boat at the end of the day looks like the grand finale to a perfect Easter 2010!

Hugzz, Danna