Saturday, August 28, 2010

Aim for the STARS!

Do you hear jubilant cheers wafting up on southern breezes? They may be coming from my house. As an eBay seller, I am over the moon about their new STARS policy.

In case you missed eBay's announcement, I am repeating it here:  "Starting in October, when you offer free shipping, you could automatically get 5-star DSRs for shipping costs when your buyer chooses free shipping. Listing with free shipping can also get a boost in Best Match for Fixed Price (where applicable), and visibility in Free Shipping search filters"

Many sellers have long complained that it is unfair to allow a buyer to grade a seller "poor" on shipping and handling cost when they received their purchase with FREE shipping and handling.

There have always been sellers who don't understand the DSR system and how low marks can damage a seller's reputation and even raise the cost of selling on eBay. Sometimes buyers give a seller low DSR's because they don't understand that 1 star means poor performance not "you are number ONE!" In some cultures, giving an "average"  rating is all that is expected.

This policy change is one more example of eBay's willingness to flex and change when change is needed. Thanks for listening eBay!

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Susan Adcox said...

I know eBay only as a buyer, not as a seller, but I'm a fan. After reading your post, I'll be sure to rate my transactions fairly!