Monday, September 27, 2010

Affiliate Summit Unconference 2010

CatPurry and Heather Smith enjoy a Shamu Ice Cream bar 

Brett Bumeter Coca Cola man
CatPurry and Murray Newlands
There must be something about Sea World that brings out the writer in me. Maybe it is just that the last two blogging conferences I attended were in the Port O' Call at Sea World. You must admit the quiet, natural beauty of the place encourages thought and draws inspiration. 

Both were in strong evidence and wrapped in a warm human touch as old and new acquaintances met for Affiliate Summit UNconference.

The format was self-guided for the most part with the audience driving the agenda. It worked better than anyone could have imagined. We listened and talked and hatched ideas fine, outlandish and large. We laughed, we found out new things about and from each other, and we shared knowledge with abandon. Affiliates were born, writers were blessed, business was conducted.

It will be a while before my brain comes to terms with all that new information, my notes are sorted out and business cards put to work where my Poken failed to perform. (I did get a new one that was designed to look like a cat.)

Meanwhile, I will look at these pictures and remember a wonderful day thanks to Missy Ward, Affiliate Tip and Sea World. My appreciation is also extended to those who put their efforts into expanding our knowledge and exciting our imaginations. Speakers like Brett Bumeter, Murray Newlands, Tim Jones and others gave us so much.


Shawn Collins said...

It was great to see you - the time went by too quick today. :)

Missy said...

What a great recap. I'm so happy that you enjoyed yourself and learned a lot!

Brett Bumeter said...

It was great seeing you again! I enjoyed the conference quite a bit, and hope to see more of these in the future. :)

Heather in BC said...

It was wonderful to spend the day with you Pat. I hope you beat the rain on your drive home. Nice recap of the day!

Ahmed Ali said...

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Kim Salvino said...

Nice meeting you, Cat! :)