Friday, October 1, 2010

Fall Do-it-Youself projects

If your family is like mine, your nesting instincts really kick in about this time of year and the "Honey-Do List"gets longer and longer.

Now that the air is turning crisp and cool, our minds are turning to home projects that would have just taken too much energy and sweat during the summer months.
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If you, like one member of our family, finds yourself fixing up a new home you know that the list seems endless and you can spend days just looking for the right cabinet pulls or kitchen and bath faucets.

Amazon has come to the rescue with their Do It Yourself Fall Sales event and you can save lots of time and money buying what you need right there! Did you know you can even find reconditioned tools on Amazon? I just found that out today!

I hope your dreams for a finely-feathered nest are realized this fall. And don't bang your thumb with the hammer this time, OK?

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