Thursday, October 7, 2010

Signs of Autumn in Florida

This morning was crisp and cool, no more than 70 degrees and breezy. The birds (that have been absent or silent for months) were singing and arguing in the trees. And I saw a brightly colored leaf on the ground beneath the crepe myrtles.

Unlike our friends to the north, we citizens of Florida are not treated to a wide pallet of color this time of year. The sun is at a different angle though and the light is just "different."
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About the only other sign of Autumn at our house is fur. There is much more fur. The fur is everywhere. Soon I will be brushing the Furry Curry and adding to my collection of fur. I really do have a bag of accumulated fur that will be carded, spun and woven into a cape for me in my old age. Until then, I keep one of those sticky rollers in every room and the cars so that we can occasionally wear dark colored clothes.

Still, this is my favorite time of year, no matter where I am. There is something of the spirit of renewal in the air in the fall. I have made many important decisions in the Octobers of my life.

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