Thursday, November 4, 2010

Starbucks daze

I don't often allow myself the luxury of a Starbucks coffee. And yet, today I needed an attitude adjustment, and when I saw my youngest son's truck parked outside, I swung right into the parking lot and joined him.

This morning was that perfect kind of day we get here in Florida in October. Not yet cool enough for a jacket, but pleasant breezes just right for sitting outdoors in the shade. Fortunately our closest Starbucks has a generous patio area with tables and chairs and additional chairs and tables under their trademark green umbrellas.

He was surprised to see me pull in even though I have been threatening to catch him at his favorite lounge and join him for some time now. I got him to snap this picture so I could share it with my friends through We Reward.

I had an Americano with sugar and cream and have been quite busy ever since. It was awesome tasting too!

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