Thursday, August 4, 2011

My lucky day

Today was my lucky day at my favorite post office. I dropped 5 packages into the outgoing drawer and my eBay shipping was done for the day. Just as I reached the doorway, I heard "Oh Miss? Did you deposit this?"

As I got closer, the postal clerk explained that I had used a flat rate box rate, but the box wasn't a flat rate box. The minute he showed it to me, I knew he was rigt ht. The small flat rate boxes are just a little smaller than the priority boxes abouthe size of a VHS tape I had used. Fortunately his eagle eyes had spotted this problem before I left and was kind enough to stop me or my customer could have ended up paying postage due. He even repackaged it for me as we talked. That's the kind of service we all want, I thought.

He remembered that on a hectic day during the Christmas rush last year, I had brought him a Mountain Dew soft drink after hearing him say the previous day that their vending machine was out. This particular guy was always the life of the post office when he was behind the coujnter. His smile was quick and his temper even. If he didn't know the answer to our questions, he would find the answer without complaint.

I am so glad this post office that was not on the cut list.

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