Friday, September 14, 2012

Salute to ebaY

eBay’s logo is Legendary. 

It has come to represent more than an easy way to shop and sell. As it has taken flight around the world it has come to represent eBay opening windows of hope and doors of opportunity. 

Even the colors are meaningful. To me, they have taken on personalities of their own. 
Red – Leading the way with its bright color and seeking new adventures, welcoming challenge.

Blue – Trustworthy and steadfast, sitting a little lower as an anchor for all.

Fun little yellow – Jumping high in excitement and joy. 

Uppercase Green – Intense. The purpose in the end; money.

All blending together at the edges in recognition that their diversity creates new hues of meaning in our lives.

I will always see this logo in my mind when I think of eBay.

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