Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Counting the Days Until Christmas

Fa-La-La is in the air even though it is still toasty warm in my home state of Florida. I am already opening gifts to myself.

I have been gathering Christmas treasures since last January and stashing them away. So opening the storage bins seems like Christmas morning to me every day now. So many surprises!

Do you watch the James Steward movie "It's a Wonderful Life" every year like we do? One Christmas we had the fun of selling the entire Christmas Village Train Set of Bedford Falls, the mythical village where the story takes place. I was enchanted with it and if we still had little ones around, I'm sure I could have been persuaded to NOT sell it. It was a great day when I recently found the figure of Mr Potter (the miserly banker) in his wheelchair and Mr. Gower (the pharmacist) and even more fun when I found them again in my stash. (Mr. Gower has already found a new home).

Have you ever seen an egg shell made into a Christmas ornament? This tiny little angel is so detailed. I can't imagine how it was made.

There's another one like this in a milkweed seed pod. it is light as a feather and so delicate!

I love the handmade ornaments and can remember making them in Scouts and at school when we were kids. I have lots of them made by my children and their children filling the bins we store in the attic. I will never willingly part with them. Come enjoy my Christmas wares when you are in the Holiday spirit.

Merry Christmas from Sixties-Chick's Emporium everyone!

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