Monday, July 31, 2017

Here's your Hurry - Where's Your Hat?

I don't know what started it or even when it began, but more and more I find myself drawn to hats, and actually buying and wearing them. 
Of course, here in Florida, that is a wise thing to do year 'round. With my fair skin, I need the protection from the sun offered by a wide brim.
This year's early Spring trip to Alaska taught me a thing or two about warm hats.  
As the fascination grew, I began to look at vintage hats and wonder how the fashion trends took us away from wearing hats for so long.
Now, I am picking up all styles of hats and finding out lots of interesting history as I research their origins. 
Recently, I sold a gorgeous 1950's era Western Cattleman style Stetson and that got me started on a whole new enterprise. 

The auction for this 1950s Whippet style Stetson is going well. 

And this 1960s Royal Stetson Tan Fedora is attracting a lot of attention too. 

Sometimes you can find a matching hat and bag set like this delicious green floral bucket and hobo set

Everywhere I go, I am noticing a renewed interest in hats and fewer bare heads. What kind of hat are you wearing? 

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