Monday, February 4, 2008

Anybody got a mule?

I had a major epiphany today! I have not been seeing the big picture of my eBay business. I have had a store for quite a few months, but somewhere along the line I forgot why I bought it.
My sales tend to be items that appeal to only ONE bidder, so it is important for me to find the right price to ask and just WAIT! That means, for the most part, my items need to be put in the store inventory to begin with. I have been listing everything at auction first, then moving it into the store if it doesn't sell. That make NO sense for most of my items. I have been wasting 75 cent on every item and sometimes it is $1.50 if I think, well just one more turn and the buyer will find it.
Anybody got a mule? I need a good kick in the rear.

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