Friday, February 1, 2008

eBay Killers on the Rampage

The announcements made by eBay January 30, 2008, sent some of the 140,000,000 worldwide eBay users on a rampage. The internal message boards are on fire with the hot words of irate sellers who insist their business could not survive the double whammy of fees going higher AND having to tollerate the negative feedback of buyers without an avenue of retribution. Boycott threats are heard on many threads.

Sellers are verbally stamping their feet indignantly at the spectre they visualize: buyers ruining seller's good names while the sellers have no way to know which buyers they can trust.

Hmmmm, sounds almost like a brick and mortar store doesn't it? Higher rent at the mall AND having to smile in the face of a customer who is irksome at best and downright nasty at worst.

One prediction is so far proving untrue. If sellers are leaving eBay en mass, they are very busy wrapping things up, because the site, and that of eBay provider Auctiva have been so overburdened for the past 2 days, that I can't get a listing in edgewise.
*waves* buh, bye sore-tails!

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