Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Feb 20 08

This day lasted a week and I mean that in the very best sense. It has been a day that I want to remember for a long, long time. There were experiences of every stripe during this long day. It began at 4am and my laptop clock now reads 11:52pm, although it is 8:52 in this time zone. The day included anxiety, quiet thankful prayer, wonderous view of this great country from high above and new friends meeting on a common ground of this business community.

I don't know what to be most grateful for, the chance to meet new friends with a like agenda, or the person who spilled hot coffee on my assigned airline seat forcing me to enjoy the other two seats in the row without being crowded by two other people.

My mind is swimming with images of faces and scenery and words and I can no longer force my eyes to stay open.

As Scarlet said "Tomorrow is another day!"

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