Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Never A Door Closes

My mother's voice is ringing in my ears. Head tilted to one side slightly, her smile bittersweet "Never a door closes," she'd say "but another opens."

eBay recently announced the end of Mystery Auctions at the close of this month. This left me in somewhat of a fix since one of my "profit centers" relied heavily on the thriving and very popular Mystery Auctions. I never had gotten the business to fly really well, so there is no greiving process to go through, but I feel a bit disappointed just the same. Like when one of my children was scolded for something they didn't so.

The Mystery Auction Bump site had been a surprise opportunity, one of those things that just seems to drop in your lap and is "too good to be true." You know what "they" say about that don't you?!

What I had been planning was a site that would focus on pets. Animals have always been one of my great passions and I enjoy sharing that passion with others. I have been active in several breed-specific discussion boards (dogs) and several other message boards that celebrate all kinds of pets and wildlife.

I put that dream aside to work on my Mysteries and planned to get it going this summer. Now it seems my slate is clean and I can begin to realize this dream sooner than I thought.

My dear friend Connie has presented another door to me and I am knocking on it with all my might. She is sponsoring a contest that would give me a blog site with all the bells and whistles. The "SEO Optimized Blog Giveaway" is explained and linked from her site: . Anyone can join!

Check it out! Enter Brain Foggles Blog Contest May 16 thru May 30 This is going to be fun!

What a great blog I could have, full of subscribers stories and pictures and jokes and cartoons and even sad moments of rememberance for those fur babies we have said farewell to. I would have a monthly spotlight on a special pet and their person too. I would give tips and hints from professionals who work with animals, pet food recipes, new products on the market. And of course, Cesar would have his YouTube videos posted there.

Thanks Connie, you have re-awakened the dream and gotten my creative juices flowing again. You truly are a dear friend!

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