Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Shop now to support Myanmar Cyclone Relief!

Here in Florida, we have intimate knowledge of the devastation severe weather can bring. I can't imagine the frustration of the people of Mayanmar as they struggle to find the means for bare survival.

Most of us will never have to face that kind of desperation and I thank God for that. Because of that, I feel I must do something!

I have a few things I haven't yet listed as well as items in my store that I will offer at auction or fixed price and donate what I can of the proceeds to UNICEF towards helping these people.

For openers, I am offering a brand NEW Tesoro bracelet made of luscious Parrot Stones & sparkling Swarovski Crystals with solid silver clasp. You can see it by clicking on the title of this blog. That should work, if not, click on this http://stores.ebay.com/purfrees-goodeye-goodbuy. Watch for the blue and gold ribbon on items. I will be listing these items starting tomorrow 5/8/08.

If you don't find anything you can use at my store, please click this link to view the offerings of others in response to this need. http://www.missionfish.org/NPMMF/cphomepage.jsp?NP_ID=-30#buy


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