Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Danger Will Robinson! Intruder alert!

No, it isn't an alien, I'm alerting you to. It is common dryer lint, but wait... that lint could literally blow up in your face. Homes and apartments have burned to the ground after a gas dryer explosion and it is so needless.

I recently had my gas dryer vent pipe cleaned by a man who does chimney cleaning too. He showed me a plastic grocery bag full of lint that he sucked out from the pipe on the roof. It is a miracle that it didn't explode! He also warned me that the CO2 build-up in the laundry room was a danger to the entire house.

We are in a one-story house with the laundry off the kitchen leading to the garage. In addition to that, guess where I kept my fire extinguisher? You guessed it, above the dryer! My vents had not been cleaned for 5-6 years and the drying time had gone from 1 hour to 3-4 hours per load. I was about to buy a new dryer... which would not have helped without cleaning the vents.

I was just lucky! Don't wait to find out what your luck is.

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