Monday, August 18, 2008

Blogging for food

I believe in early education. Especially when it comes to technology. Let's face it, today's kids are tomorrow's geeks and if they want to be top geek, they had better start really early. So when my grandson began pounding out his own blog the other day I was all for it.

It seems his first post had to do with the taste of vegetables, peas in particular, which he called pfsthssd in a rather messy attempt at language.

His mother and father insist that he is just barely ready for vegetables and a very select few fruits. I think the kid just wants ice cream. At least that's what he seemed to be blogging about. The outcome wasn't too successful though and he ended up slamming the keyboard down on the desk in frustration.

Where's that Mavis Beacon CD? I think he needs to learn to type first, oh right, maybe talking and reading and spelling should come first. Awww, just give the kid some ice cream for heaven's sake!

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Danna Crawford said...

HOW ADORABLE! Love those dimples too! Great post! Still LMBO!