Monday, August 25, 2008

Gold Fever - 2008 Style - Cha Ching!

The old prospectors with their pick axes have been replaced by a modern version. These prospectors come equiped with internet savvy and an eye for the real thing.
I knew the price of gold had skyrocketed, but when my husband's dentist remarked that his worn gold crown could net us a tank full of gasoline, I was impressed!
I didn't realize that dental gold is usally pure 18K and fetches a nice price until I researched completed listings on eBay. Once I had determined the average price per gram and weighed out the valuable little chunk of gold, I determined the price at about $50 and designed a listing I hoped would attract a buyer.
I listed it at $49.99 (fixed price) and even went the extra 35 cents for an enlarged view of the gallery shot and kept the shipping low (actually I charged about 32 cents less than cost).
The last thing before signing off at 9:30 pm, I hit the POST button and my item went live. I never even got to admire my handiwork. Imagine my surprise this morning when I discovered it had sold overnight... and been PAID FOR instantly by PayPal (I now require electronic payment on all items).
Two HOURS! That is a new record. I am almost as impressed as when we sold a house in less than 24 hours.
Okay, so it is in the box, with the shipping label affixed, I have left glowing positive feedback and now off to the Post Office! I am going to try and beat the delivery record.
I will not think that I should have used auction format and might have gotten more. No, NO, NOOOOO! That would spoil my thrills right now.

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