Sunday, February 22, 2009

Cherished Chocolates

This is a guest blog I did for my pal Danna.
Guest blogger: Pat Curry

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I did a lot of Christmas shopping on eBay this year and most of it was using money I earned from selling on eBay, so that was quite fulfilling.
I saved my PayPal money all year in 2007 then withdrew it for Christmas shopping at stores.
This year, I went all the way!
Bought my husband a Garmin that he’s been hinting he wanted for 6 months or more, seatcovers for my son-in-law, laptop skins for both my sons, a ThunderCats case for one son, etc.
One of the most amazing buys I made this year was a last minute purchase from Cherish’s Chocolates!
She makes all kinds of HANDMADE specialty candies for various occasions, mostly chocolate.
I ordered a set of 4 large dinosaurs in different colors (white cholate is colored for some items), a set of 6 small smiley faces for another grandson in various boyish colors, a set of 4 turtles in green and brown, and 2 large horseheads with horseshoe background that was peanutbutter flavored.
One for my daughter and the other for the oldest granddaughter.
I ordered them less than a week before Christmas and told her I would not be upset if they came late, but I was very pleased to have them arrive on CHRISTMAS EVE!
Just in time to slip into the stockings.
I managed to talk my grandson out of a bite from one of his dinosaurs and can tell you this is first quality chocolate!
Very rich tasting… delicious!
Very reasonable prices too.

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