Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Bloggin daze

Raspberries to all hackers!

I am having a tough time getting several projects going and a lot of it relates to security. I have gone the extra mile to assign unique passwords to every portal I use on the www. I have my own little formula for determining the password and am usually careful to make a written record as well. But sometimes the site has its own idea of what your password should be and whether or not you should use upper or lower case, or a mixture. Indeed, some sites are so rigid they assign you a password and insist that your user id consist of your email address with accompanying rules on case. Obviously, that can cause problems.

I spent nearly an hour this morning trying to enter a FREE webinar presented by a very high-profile blogger. I had signed up for the event a few days ago but was unable to attend the live event last night due to confusion on the password, links, etc. No problem, there was a promised link to the archive. Attempts to reach this link today proved futile and after circling like pioneer wagons in the face of spears and arrows for nearly 30 minutes, I gave up. I kept coming back to the sign-up page, or the log-in page, but it never went anywhere. I did notice a peely type ad, but I was in no mood to read it. Also noticed that the presenter had only one comment from someone who seemed to have attended. Maybe others got lost too.

I hereby pledge to NOT send people in circles looking for an illusive bit of information, that is, IF I ever have any knowledge to impart. At this rate, I will remain ignorant for a long time.

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