Thursday, July 2, 2009

Wonderful Daily Deals on eBay

I got a great deal on eBay recently!

... a Dyson DC7 "Animal" vacuum cleaner. I had wanted one for quite a while because I have a very furry animal named Beau and a little grandson named Darren who was getting Beau's fur in his mouth.

I found my new vacuum via eBay's DAILY DEAL announcements in my email. The seller, ABCVacs had a good reputation and seemed trustworthy so I bid against 19 other bidders to win my dreamy refurbished Dyson "Animal" at a price that was about 1/2 that of a new one from a "big box" store.

This was my Mother's Day present to myself and now I can retire my 25 year-old Kirby. I may sell it on eBay I still have all the attachments one last bag and the really cool carpet and upholstery shampooing kit. And I won't have to shave Beau anymore. There is a contest on eBay right now called DEAL FINDER SWEEPSTAKES that offers a $1,000 prize each week for the sweetest deal on eBay. Let's see, that $1,000 would just about cover a dreamy poolside summer kitchen for my husband's anniversary present, and I can get it all on eBay!

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