Monday, June 15, 2009

Small things can still make a big impression

Yesterday was my daughter's birthday party and I think I made a big impression on her with a very small thing. She has always used lip balm a lot... I mean all the time. She is digs in her purse in a fit of desperation if she can't find it. At Christmas I have gotten in the habit of buying her 8-10 of them in all the flavors I can find as stocking stuffers.

I always have a hard time finding gifts for her birthday. But this year, I found the amazing Lip-Zips ! I put it into a gift bag with a colorful tissue paper wrap and she was very surprised when she opened it. Like "Mom? Why are you giving me this?" Then she began to look at the fine print and was impressed to see that it has a SPF 15 rating. WOW, this was HUGE to her, then she tasted it...."umm, peppermint... and no hint of that awful sunblock flavor." Then, she discovered the really cool part. It has this little clip that you can attach to your bag or clothing and a retractable cord attached so you can pull the Lip Zips to you, soothe your lips, recap, and let it zip back to its resting place. She thought right away of hooking it onto her bikini strap so that it is close by when she needs it at the beach.

Try it. You'll like it!

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