Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Darren-less Wednesdays

Recently I have been planning my week around Wednesday, Darren Day. Our dog Beau is always happy to see Darren too. Even when he was a tiny infant, (seems like years ago), Beau lay beside him on the floor or bed, guarding him as his breed was designed to do. When the chasing begins, Beau heads for safety. We learned some time ago to pick up the dog's bowls before Darren gets here. He loves to share his food, but wants Beau to share as well. The dog doesn't mind, but we do. His "other" grandfather (my daughter's father-in-law) is much more lenient when it comes to human/canine contact.

Due to scheduling difficulties, Wednesdays with Darren have been temporarily canceled. Now, we are trying to work out Tuesday Togetherness.

Darren Days consisted of trips ot the zoo, shopping, playing, reading and watching cartoons. For a few weeks we managed, but it has gotten too complicated to continue.

He would spend time pulling toys out of the ottoman which serves as his toy box in the living room, dragging out measuring cups, pots and storage containers from his designated drawers and cabinets in the kitchen and chasing Beau around trying to grab his ears. He has a basket in the family room where I put small toys to surprise him and an unused desk phone that he drags around by the cord.

We will have wonderful times together when it is cooler. There are many parks nearby, the Zoo less than a mile away, and always the toys and books. I am looking forward to taking him to the library one of these days when they have story time as he loves books.

Since we and our daughter try to get in a work-out on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays it is hard to find a good Darren Day. The new plan involves her coming with him to visit on Tuesdays when she has that day off. We can have lunch and play with him together.

These are precious days and one of the times when I really wish my husband was retired so he could enjoy the fun with me. Darren is the sunshine in his Granddaddy's life. You can see it in his face, his posture, his whole attitude. This little boy makes him glow with love.

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Susan said...

Your grandson is adorable! I certainly hope your Darren Days resume soon! My grandchildren visit sporadically, due to school and distance, but I would love to be able to set aside one day just for a grandchild visit.