Monday, August 24, 2009

Top 10 things kids should never say

You start the list when they are about one, unless they learn to talk earlier. You start making a note of things you do not want to hear your kid say.

1. NO - You need a real sense of humor and a big dose of love to keep cool when you start hearing that one over and over again.

2. I'm not eating THAT! The first time this happens is usually at the dinner table in your mother-in-law's house. It just gets worse as time goes on.

3. MOM, the baby's eating... (dog food, dirt, bugs, worms, your shoes)

4. Mr. Arnold wants to know if your insurance covers broken windows.

5. MOM, Junior's running down the street naked again.

6. I am not wearing THAT! If you are lucky the gift giver is in another state at the moment.

7. Mom, remember how you told me never to drink something another kid gives me at a party?

8. Why can't I have a... (cookie, toy, pony, shirt, cell-phone, laptop, car)


... and the last thing you don't want to hear your kid say is: "they gave me a Senior discount at the store."

Where does the time go?


Danna Crawford said...

LOL I loved this!!! Great blog!!!

ConnieFoggles said...

I've heard them all except the Senior one. Not yet at least!

nothing profound said...

My daughter just turned 20. So now it's mostly requests for money and depressing revelations about her boyfriends.

Martin H. said...

Wonderful list. Made me smile.

At the moment our two year old granddaughter is the only one of the three with words. What will it be like when the twins start making statements too?