Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Do you have a hat?

There's this delightful lady who asks everyone she meets (almost) "Do you have a hat?" She hosts a great gardening site called Freidas Garden.

At her prompting people, (myself included) go prodding through their closets looking for a hat and many pop up on Video Seesmic to show her their hats.

I dug around but all I found was a hat covered with black and white fur. I thought it was very stylish when I bought it in Michigan some years ago. And, Lord knows it kept my head warm. But I sure don't need to keep my head warm down here in Florida, so I haven't worn one since.

Freida decided everyone should have a chance to have a hat so she opened up Freidas Hat and I was finally able to buy the hat of my dreams. It is made of the best quality straw, finely woven and fits my head perfectly. She also makes beautiful hat bands that are perfect for one who loves gardening, in addition to the neat black hat band that comes with the hat.

I just HAD to have one, so I bought this camel colored one (she also offers red, black and natural) and have been wearing it everywhere. You can't imagine the complements and complementary stares it generates. And best of all, I don't have to slather sun block on my face anymore because it has offers SPF 50 protection.

Do you have a hat?

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Danna Crawford said...

Just adorable! You and Freida both are!!! I Sumbled it and Tweeted it! xo