Monday, August 3, 2009

Teamwork saves the day

We were a tent short when we got to the campgrounds last weekend, but our son-in-law saved the day by lending us one of their larger tents.

We had reserved two tenting spaces with water and electricity, right on the Indian River and when we saw it the weekend before, there were only a few campers parked there.

But this is the last week before school in our county. It seems everyone who (like us) had waited all summer for a camping trip, showed up with their families. Every waterfront space was taken, the lake was full of swimmers and the air was full of mosquitoes. (I guess their school starts next week too!)

One of the best photo ops I got, was when my husband found a new helper to pound tent stakes for him. Darren is always anxious to help and this was no exception.

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