Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Early voting ROCKS!

In the early days of America, I would not have been allowed to vote because I am a woman.

Once the vote was secured for women, in 1919, it still took a mighty effort to get to the polls. Only the affluent had cars in those days, so a horse or mule would have likely been involved. Of course, I would have had to finish boiling the wash in lye soap and put it out to dry on the lawn, swept and mopped the floors and prepared a meal or two. Only then would I be allowed (maybe) to harness the cart and go into town, with an escort of course.

The modern poll place became a social event and today it is still a mark of pride for those who volunteer to poll-sit.

With ease comes apathy and laziness (at least in my case) and I admit to missing out on my patriotic privilege of voting in several elections. "Who has time?" I'd plead.  "There's no place to park," I'd whine.

Now, there are NO excuses. I went to the courthouse a week before official voting day, walked right in, showed my picture ID, pulled out my sample ballot and bubbled in the choices I'd already made days in advance.

Early voting ROCKS!


Multi Blogging said...

wow, so the woman dont let to vote?

CatPurry said...

Women have been able to vote since 1919. Before that time, American women were not allowed to vote. It has been a struggle for equality and still is today.