Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Hallowe'en food and fun with children

The best part of any holiday is having children around to show you how to enjoy the best of everything.

Fortunately for me, nearly every year, my grandkids have been around to help with the decorating and baking and candy distribution for their favorite spooky holiday, Hallowe'en. 

The spooky haunted house these three made with their dad and me was really a work of art. We started with a basic gingerbread house and they decorated it using black and orange icing and a variety of candies. A few of the yard decorations you see were hand made, some were left over from cupcakes of years past. They even thought of gummy bear trick n' treaters!

I keep boxes filled with odds and ends for each holiday and they look forward to raiding that Halloween box each year looking for cool things to use for costumes and decorations.

Just in time for this fun holiday, About.com is holding another blog carnival. This one is "Kids in the Kitchen," and it's hosted by the Guide to Kids' Parties, Megan Cooley. There will be great ideas and fun for all. Check it out!

My granddaughters have pretty much outgrown this and I expect it will just be the boys this year. But we will have a new recruit when the almost-three-year-old joins us in the kitchen. I can hardly wait.


Susan Adcox said...

Very cute! Is that colored coconut for the lawn?

CatPurry said...

Yes, we used green food coloring to dye some coconut for the grass. I forgot that!