Thursday, October 21, 2010

Friday is fun day

Well, it isn't my granddaughter's idea of shopping fun as you see here. But the excitement of finding a treasure to sell on eBay can't be beat to my way of thinking. I look forward to Friday fun because that's when the Estate Sales begin.

On Thursday morning, I can hardly wait to get into the local classified ads and find my treasure chests. I look for "whole house sale" announcements as well since an estate sale manager told me the charge for advertising causes her to advertise that way instead of saying Estate Sale.

 I also make a note of any church or school rummage sales that will be held on Saturday. Just in case I have a few dollars left from Friday's adventures. These are often great places to find newer items at great prices. The organizers of these sales often don't know how to research pricing and you can really get good deals there.

One eBay seller I know makes a practice of getting to these sales a day early to make a contribution (things he couldn't sell on eBay the week before) and while he is there, he may make an on the spot offer on some items. They can't resist because that means less work displaying and marking.   Some of the things I look for at estate and rummage sales include:
You will want to look for items in categories you know about of course. But those are a few items to be on the look out for.

Well, I'm off to make my route plan. Happy hunting!


elegantKB said...

Have fun on Friday! I loved your post about what to look for at sales. I also look for vintage buttons. I'm into buttons and collect them rather than resell them so far. You granddaughter is a cutie. Nice job on the challenge! ~Kerry @elegantKB

AuctionWally said...

There's some sound advice for antique junkies!

AuctionWally said...

Now there's some great advice for antiques junkies!

Danna Crawford said...

Great tips Pat! You and Jimmy would have fun seeking out the goods! He's not stopped listing with the stuff he found from yesterday and this AM .. lol

Susan Adcox said...

What a fun post! Right now I'm a caregiver for my father, and I have a hard time finding the time to visit sales. But some day I will definitely be there! My thing is Frankoma pottery.