Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Green Shipping Rocks... even MORE

eBay's Green Team recently started a pilot program to encourage sellers to recycle shipping boxes and materials. (nothing new to me, I never buy boxes, but sometimes they look a bit ratty) I first heard about the cool Green Boxes in San Jose during eBay On Location. The Green Team demonstrated how the sturdy, fully recyclable boxes work. Those who signed up were sent these special recyclable boxes to use and are asked to tell the buyers who receive the boxes to reuse them again. As a further incentive, the buyer who sells something on eBay, then re-uses the box to ship to their buyer will receive a dollar when they register the box. Each person adds a note to the lid of the box telling where it came from. It should be good for up to five shipments and if each person adds a little note it can be tracked along its adventure. More about “simple green shipping” can be found here.

The demand for the boxes far exceeded the Green Team's expectations so mine arrived only yesterday. I had been looking forward to them and they came at the perfect time. Our eBay sales have been sizzling the past few weeks and I have had my whole family scouting the stores and their work-places for shipping boxes.
You can see my reaction to receiving these boxes and my first experience using one now ... Green Shipping Rocks  Today I had a toy to ship to Vancouver, WA. The buyer had not wanted to wait for the auction to end on a toy her 13 year-old wanted and asked me to add a buy-it-now price to my listing so she could get it right away. I agreed to her offer price and complied which got me a quick, super-happy response. I wanted this experience to be extra special all the way and shipping it in the "Green Box" seemed perfect. She had paid for Priority shipping so there was no problem with using the 13.6 ounce box. The toy brought the weight to just under one pound.

The boxes are really cool, with lots of "green" shipping tips and covered with the Green bird logo. That was my only problem in fact. I had a hard time finding a blank spot to affix the shipping label. I have a feeling my allotment of boxes will not last through Christmas. Sure hope they continue the program and ramp up the production soon. 

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