Saturday, December 20, 2014

Dream Big - Build Bigger

You may find this hard to believe, but I have always had a passion for hot cars. There is something very exciting about seeing a car that looks like it is about to take flight. My heart starts pounding, the need for speed builds up and my brain turns to mush.

It was like that for most of the time we spent in the showrooms of Parker Brothers Concepts one day last week. Every turn of the head had me spinning in awe.

I put some of the photos I took on a Pinterest board that you can check out HERE - and there is a link to their website for more information and pictures.

Mark and Shannon told me they were always very close and started conceiving of and building dream machines (starting with their bicycles) at an early age. Their passion led them to take up the challenge of building a Tron-like vehicle since everyone said "it couldn't be done." Their success went viral and soon they could not keep up with the demand for their designs of concept vehicles. Their vehicles have been featured in movies and TV shows and they were the subject of the Original TV series "Dream Machines" on SyFy.

The boys were very gracious while we toured the showrooms and even allowed us to step into the shop area for a quick peek where I was able to get a picture with them. The shop and showroom is located in Port Canaveral, Florida right across from the cruise terminals. If you are in Florida, make a point of coming to Port Canaveral on the east coast of the state (near where the Space-X and NASA rockets are launched) and see what they are buiding.

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