Friday, December 12, 2014

Adding Video to your eBay Listings

I had a lot of fun making a video to put in this listing for a Big Furry Pink & White Marionette but there were some challenges and it did take a little time to get the video clip showing up in my eBay listing.

If you have an account with You-Tube and know how to make a quick video (no more than 45 seconds) you are half way there. Upload your video to You-Tube and add music from their list of free clips if you want to.  The Video Manager "share" button will provide you with the URL to your video once it is complete and published.

Now for the trick. You can't paste a URL into your eBay listing. There used to be an "old embed code" provided by You-Tube that would work, but that isn't available anymore. So, copy the URL link for viewing your video then go to to convert this URL to an acceptable code you can put in your listing. In the listing, click on the HTML tab above the description and plug in the embed code where you want your video to appear.

Thanks to Maida Webster of Connectibles on eBay for teaching me how to do this!

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