Thursday, October 28, 2010

I don't like spiders and snakes

Hallowe'en must be fast approaching. In this picture, Beau seems to hear the Grim Reaper's footsteps slipping up behind him.

Even the sun was obscured as we walked through the fog this morning. It was truly creepy!

But it did get me thinking about the Halloween party I am planning for the grandchildren this weekend. I watched Paula Deen on Jay Leno's show a few nights ago and they made bake and eat snakes. The boys would love that! A trip over to the Paula Deen site to see her recipes and the ideas were cooking in my evil little mind. She also has a recipe for Spider Bites. Oh yeah!

Tune in for the full story and pictures after this weekend. It should be great fun.


Weetzie's said...

Oh wow, that is a beautiful photo! I love a foggy morning anytime of year, but they're especially awesome right now. Happy Halloween!

Layla Morgan Wilde said...

Beautiful shot with the mystical light. Happy Halloween.