Tuesday, November 16, 2010

The long road home

After long months of waiting and longer weeks of preparation, my daughter and son-in-law have begun moving into their new home. It is a sweet victory for us all.

They were sure of what they wanted and would not settle for a cookie-cutter, neighborhood association-ruled, deed-restricted house that did not suit them. Instead they opted for a larger piece of land, a little off the grid, with challenges they will find and meet as they go along.

We all fell in love with the land they found, almost an acre of it, complete with mature oaks, grapefruit and avocado trees and what may be a healthy lime tree. There is plenty of room for our soon to be three-years-old grandson to drive his miniature cars, wagons and fire truck. Dad can have a big storage shed for his treasures and mom can have a nice home for entertaining their widely varied friends and family. There's even room for a vegetable garden should anyone find time to tend it.

There is nothing quite like finding a place you love, staking your claim, outfitting it to suit your life and calling it HOME.


Heather in BC said...

Sounds like a beautiful property for them to nurture and cherish :) Good for them to not 'settle' until they found the right fit :)

Susan Adcox said...

I hope your family is very happy in their new home. One of my daughters chose subdivision living because she had great memories of growing up in a subdivision with lots of kids around. The other daughter would love some acreage, but hasn't been able to swing that yet.