Wednesday, November 17, 2010

My kids stink!

Oh they may be good at sports, science and debate, but face it, all kids STINK after sports, stressful times, or just as time wears on. In fact, they probably stink within hours of stepping out of the shower. But I just had a huge "AH HA!" moment and I couldn't wait to tell you about it.

I will never forget the day I got a call from the school clinic to come pick up my sick grandson. He was really sick. Running a fever, headache, the whole "I don't feel so good..." thing. I was lucky to get an appointment with the doctor on the spot and took him directly to the doctor's office from school. I didn't get a good whiff of him until we got into the examining room. Phew! I could just imagine the look on her face when she went to examine him. It was warm in the room, so I quickly stripped off his shirt thinking that would help. It didn't ! I leaned out into the hallway and asked if the nurse had some baby wipes or something. She didn't. In a panic, I wet some paper towels at the sink and began to try and scrub him down a little. Nothing helped! Poor kid! Poor doctor. She was kind about it, but I could see the nose wrinkle. There's no missing it. Her look said "your kid stinks!"

If I had known then what I know now! I could have pulled out a small packet of QwikShower Wipes from my purse. These beauties are a must-have for active children and pubescent tweens and teens who get soiled, sweaty, stinky and self-conscious.  These portable single-use disposable washcloths offer an easy, convenient and economical way to help kids get clean and eliminate embarrassing grime and body odor after gym class, sports, outdoor play and other physical activities. QwikShower Wipes are also great for adults for use after the gym, a jog, when traveling, during a long shift at the office, or even after work en route to another engagement. Purchase online at 

QuikShower sent me a handful of these to test on my family and I can tell you truthfully that the product totally lives up to its reputation. And my manly 14 year-old grandson is very happy with them and is begging me to buy more. He went to his first dance a few weeks ago and said he really needed one then.

You can believe there will be a handful of these little gems in my grandkids backpacks from now on. In fact, I will never be caught without a few in my car and purse for emergencies. We are not talking tiny little baby wipes here. When you open that small packet you will find, a large, moist, single-use disposable cloth with a subtle “teenager-approved” scent and economical price point.

-Convenient. Each wipe is individually wrapped for portability and to ensure it never dries out.  Kids can slip it into a backpack or purse and go!

--Effective. With a large 10” x 12” dimension and a resilient cloth-like material, QwikShower Wipes are big and study enough to clean the entire body - also leaving a slight fresh scent behind that’s been tested and well-received by teenagers and their parents.

--Green. Environmentally friendly, QwikShower Wipes are non-aerosol and emit zero fluorocarbon emissions unlike popular body sprays.  This also ensures the scent won’t invade the personal space of others or overwhelm a locker room. 

--Economical. With an affordable price point starting at just 49 cents each coupled with the company’s free shipping policy, QwikShower Wipes have made it easier and more affordable than ever to keep kids clean and body odor-free.

--Versatile. QwikShower Wipes are not just for gym class! They’re great for use after sports practices and games, a day at the beach, or an impromptu restaurant outing with the family. Also a stellar solution for adults, the wipes are perfectly suited for boaters, campers and fitness enthusiasts. They are also a must for emergency preparedness kits in the event of water outages.

--Fundraising. When partnered with a sponsoring organization, QwikShower Wipes will support local communities throughout the U.S. by contributing 10% of sales to a PTA, booster club or non-profit organization of the buyer’s choice. Contact QwikShower for more information.

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