Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Sweet rewards for a little time

One of the best bonding experiences I have had with my 12 year-old grandson lately came at the spur of the moment.

As we planned for Hallowe'en festivities last weekend, Dylan said sadly "I didn't get to go to the Fall Festival at school this year Grandma!" When I asked him when it was, he said, it's today from 10 to 2 and I know we don't have time. "

He sure has me pegged! Next thing you know we were off and running to get there before it was all over.

The first thing he wanted to do was have me meet his teachers. Both of them seemed so pleased to see him and I could tell he is not one of the kids they wish was in someone else's classroom. His remedial reading teacher made a point of telling me his many good qualities as he ran off to play a ring toss game and get his prize from the big tub of candy. I felt so proud to be his grandmother and pleased that we had been able to get there in time even though we arrived at the last hour of the event.

This is a low-budget public school so the only "ride" they had was a bounce house and he is too big for that now they said. But they had many simple hand-made games, bean bag toss, ring toss, table bowling,and musical chairs to win cakes and donuts.

We had to have a cotton candy as we left the festival of course. That was a sweet reward.


Danna Crawford said...

OH, the sweetest reward was special time with him that he will treasure forever! What a great grandma you are! xo

Susan Adcox said...

You are a grand grandma! Sometimes it's the right thing to just say no, and sometimes it's best just to drop everything and go! I certainly think that taking your grandson to his Fall Fest was the right thing to do.